Our Story

The owner Tony del gato smiling in front of marina sauce
Owner: Tony Del Gatto

Grissini is an upscale establishment passionately bringing both the authentic flavors and familial warmth of Northern Italy to the Englewood Cliffs community. We offer a festive, yet classically elegant Italian dining experience for all. Our Tuscan-reminiscent space purposefully hosts several rooms to cater to private parties, families, large groups, single diners, or couples seeking slightly more privacy. Tony Del Gatto—owner of Westmount Country Club—opened Grissini in 1993, and still spends most evenings at the restaurant chatting with patrons and spreading his love for authentic Italian cuisine. This includes Saturday nights spent in the kitchen prepping his special Sunday sauce for traditional Sunday night family dinner. We welcome you to join us, not just for genuine Italian flavors, but for a true experience of Northern Italian hospitality.

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